Roadkill Toys Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in London, UK for Roadkill Toys:-

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Roadkill Toys


London, United Kingdom



Roadkill Toys was a small, independent start-up plush toy company based in London, UK, which offered a range of collectable squashed animal toys for the youth market, promoted and sold via the web.

The initial brief to Zetagram* by the client was to design and build an eCommerce website to sell the exclusive products online. The client had a creative background, so already had ideas for a logo design and character names.

After competitor research and market analysis, Zetagram consulted with the client and suggested that a new brand be designed and the marketing approach for the toys be aimed more at limited edition collectors rather than as affordable toys for children.

The character names were developed to be more 'cool' rather than sounding like children's story characters, and a cartoon blood splat style brand design was established.

Using carefully selected fonts and custom drawn graphics, Zetagram combined these with dark grungy imagery and distressed hotrod graphics to add depth to the brand identity.

The characters themselves were created and initially drawn by the client, and then redrawn and polished by Zetagram as vector illustrations for use in animations and on the website.

The website was designed and built using an open-source XHTML content management system as the framework, which was custom coded and adjusted to create a finished site in line with the brand identity.

Under guidance from Zetagram, the client then developed the full range of website content and illustrations to flesh out the brochure and back-story element for the characters. This supported the shop component of the website and helped to grow the value of the product, which led to additional product developments as the business grew.

The website was promoted through online blogs, press releases and television spots, with a viral advertising campaign developed by the client to raise awareness of the products on social media.

To support the product merchandise and main website, Zetagram also designed business cards, stickers, 'death certificates', swing tickets and custom construction packaging design.

For new product launches and updates, Zetagram also developed and automated a proprietory HTML emailing system with custom designed layouts.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.