Graphic Designer in County Mayo

Mark Hardy is a graphic designer based in County Mayo, designing logos, brands, brochures, signs, vans and websites.

About Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) is a complete graphic design and web design service based in Carracastle, County Mayo in the west of Ireland.

It is operated by Mark Hardy, a passionate and intuitive designer with nearly 30 years experience in graphic and web design for the Irish, UK and US markets.

Mark Hardy, Graphic Designer and Web Designer in Carracastle, County Mayo

Service Benefits

Zetagram's main strength is the scope of creative skills maintained at a consistently high standard, over a wide range of design sectors and disciplines.

This toolbox of skills means that all the design aspects of your business can be handled by a single source.

The benefits of this design approach are :-

  • To make the process smoother and simpler
  • To make your marketing strategy easier to plan
  • To make the final result more cost-effective
  • To keep branding and colours consistent and professional

By keeping such a wide range of creative services in-house, it reduces the need for additional third-party services such as:-

Our Philosophy

Zetagram is based around a ‘Design Made Simple‘ philosophy, with a straight-forward and no-nonsense approach.

This is achieved by working very closely with each client to determine their needs and goals, and to really understand the core of their business and how best to represent it.

We can then apply extensive knowledge and creative experience to produce the most effective and economical solutions possible.

Zetagram can take your initial ideas or aspirations, from concept through to launch, by providing all the services you need. Including; brand name development, graphic design, web design, brochure and website text copywriting, search engine optimisation, photography and marketing advice.

Zetagram also offers a free initial design consultation to all new clients at our office in Carracastle, County Mayo, in which Mark is happy to discuss and assess any design needs or requirements you may have.