Café Rivva Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in Los Angeles, USA for Café Rivva:-

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Connolly Creations


Los Angeles, California, USA



Connolly Creations was an established specialised consultancy service based in Los Angeles, USA, which provided business development, operations management and strategic planning assistance to small and medium sized businesses.

Café Rivva was a start-up organic smoothie and juice bar based in Los Angeles, California, which provided a wide range of freshly prepared alternatives to fast food.

The initial brief to Zetagram* by the client was to create a brand style using the domain, that was modern and fresh but had some connection to the natural organic ingredients of the menu. A colour scheme including green was also specified.

The location for the café was set in the upscale neighbourhood of Brentwood, and the client supplied rendered 3D drawings of the layout for the refurbishment.

Zetagram started the process using the phonetic pronunciation of rivva sounding like 'river', and developed a concept along the lines of a flowing swirling river, and 'going with the flow' which was very much the philosophy to project to the target audience in California.

The logotype design was custom drawn to reflect this flow through the letterforms. In the unique circumstances, the form of the type was prioritised above instant legibility, to act as a symbol or motif and to give the brand a certain degree of cachet.

To support the logotype a geometric flowing river pattern was designed to extend the brand style, giving it more depth, and to also decorate the café.

To launch the café, signage and decor was designed for the interior and exterior with specifications for colours and materials. A staff uniform in the form of a simple t-shirt print was produced as a stop gap solution, with stickers for food and beverage containers and a simple take-out menu for hand-out distribution.

As the business developed, it evolved more into an organic fast food solution and the marketing material evolved to suit. With more emphasis on deals and offers through poster designs and pavement signage, cleanse packages and Seamless™ ordering through the website.

The website design was created to act as an online menu with nutrition and allergy information, but later evolved to integrate with Seamless™ online ordering. Custom graphics were created by Zetagram for the XHTML site, with supplied photography from Los Angeles and stock photography where required.

As another avenue of customer interaction, Zetagram also developed and automated a proprietory HTML emailing system with custom designed layouts.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.