Artist Impressions in County Mayo, Sligo & Roscommon

Custom designed visuals and mock up presentations by Mark Hardy at Zetagram in Carracastle, Ballaghaderreen, County Mayo. Free design consultations available.

Concept Design Visuals

See your ideas come to life with professional mock-ups and artist's impressions of products, buildings, uniforms, merchandise, shops and equipment.

  • Pre-visualise products for market research
  • Demonstrate building development options
  • Pre-visualise building colour schemes
  • Visually support crucial quotes and tenders

Types of Concept Designs

Types of concept design previously visualised by Zetagram include :-

  • Business presentations
  • New product development
  • Building planning applications
  • Property development brochures
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Shop fit-outs and presentations
  • Speculative quotes and tenders

Concept Designs Gallery

To view examples of concepts that have been visualised by Zetagram, visit our Concept Designs page in the Portfolio section.

Our Approach

Zetagram has had extensive experience in visualising concept and product designs for Irish, UK and US companies for over 20 years.

We work closely with our clients to really understand the core of their businesses, their customers and their competitors, and use this to accurately represent their needs and requirements in our concept visuals.

Our custom mock-ups can be created using a combination of photo-retouching techniques, 3D modeling, physical mock-ups/models and good old-fashioned drawings.

When creating concept visuals, Zetagram will approach each different idea by considering:-

  • What is the idea about?

What we are trying to demonstrate or illustrate will help determine the method of execution.

For example:- Building treatments and mockups will usually be executed as photo-retouched images, but packaging concepts often come across better as physical mockups to be handled and inspected by the viewer.

  • What it is for?

The purpose of the concept visual will determine how much work needs to go into the mock-up.

For example:- To demonstrate a concept in-house or to try out styles of decor requires a lower level of visual than something that may be eventually published in a product catalogue or used for marketing purposes.

  • Who it is aimed at?

The intended audience of the visual may determine the level of detail required in the visual.

For example:- Product visuals to be reviewed in-house before investment in production will require much less detail and accuracy than a visual that is to be later used to represent the product to the general public for marketing purposes.

  • How it is to be delivered?

The method of delivery to the end user will determine the best route for visualisation.

For example:- Is the visual to be presented in person during a meeting or to be emailed as part of a tender or application? Packaging visuals would work better as 3D digital representations rather than physical mock-ups when presented online or by email.

Guideline Costs

Due to the varied nature of concept design visuals, we would always encourage a free design consultation to discuss options before undertaking any work.

Concept designs can start from €100 and range up to €800. These designs take between 1-2 weeks to develop and can be presented in person as printed visuals or via email as electronic proofs to reduce costs and save time.

Simple colour scheme photo-retouching can be undertaken on digital files during a one-on-one consultation with costs starting at only €50.