Infacta Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in County Sligo for Infacta:-

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Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland



Infacta was an established, independent software development company based in Sligo town, which provided software solution packages for international marketing metrics and analysis.

The initial brief to Zetagram* by the client was to create a brand style for the established business to improve the corporate image and bring it in line with competitor software development companies.

After competitor research and analsis, Zetagram started to develop a symbol motif design around the letter 'I' for Infacta, in order to make the application and future use of the brand more flexible.

The existing range of products created by the business all had circular symbol motifs for the logotypes, so to tie in with this the main brand design was made up from these circles.

The text part of the brand was formed using a family of carefully selected fonts, and combined with the symbol motif as 3D and flat colour versions, in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (stacked) layouts.

To further demonstrate how the brand would work to the client, Zetagram visualised clothing merchandise and rally car sponsorship options, to compare directly with their existing designs.

The brand identity was further extended into a website design (pre-HTML5) to better represent the business and inform customers of the features and development of the software product packages.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.