Screen Wizards Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in County Mayo for Screen Wizards:-

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Screen Wizards logo design Screen Wizards van design


Aarow Signs


Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland



Aarow Signs was a small, established signwriting business based in Claremorris, County Mayo, which provided a wide range of economical sign solutions to local businesses in the surrounding area.

Screen Wizards was a business venture proposition to provide mobile windscreen repair services around the County Mayo and Galway region.

The initial brief to Zetagram* by the client was to create a cost-effective logo design solution to make the start up business look professional and inspire customer confidence.

After preliminary competitor research and analysis, and bearing in mind the budget, Zetagram took the blue of the existing van paintwork and used this as a foundation for the corporate identity colour scheme.

Taking the supplied business name of Screen Wizards, Zetagram created custom drawn graphics of a magic wand and wizard's hat, and combined this with windscreen shapes to create an interesting arrangement.

The logotype was developed using a carefully selected font and distorting it to work around the windscreen shapes, as well as creating negative space within the letter 'A' for the wizard's hat.

To demonstrate the logo corporate identity to the client it was applied to a vehicle graphics design as a part wrap in inkjet vinyl, using colours that harmonised with the existing paint scheme.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.