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Zetagram is a professional clothing design service based in the west of Ireland, serving clients in County Mayo, County Sligo and County Roscommon.

Zetagram clothing design services in Co. Mayo include:-

Zetagram uniform design services in Co. Sligo include:-

Zetagram merchandise design services in Co. Roscommon include:-

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Clothing Designs

Professionally designed and practical uniforms create a favourable first impression for your business, and adds value to your brand or service.

Zetagram has been designing clothing options for over 20 years, for all types of private sector start-up, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Each clothing design application should be distinctive, aim to suitably reflect the tone of the business, and stand out on the shop floor or in the workplace as an official member of staff.

A uniform should be viewed as more than just clothing, but as part of a larger corporate identity, and an extension of your brand.

Merchandising can also contribute to this by advertising your brand outside the business by third parties, however a level of desirability is required to be built into the design to make this a successful option.

In contrast to merchandising, uniform clothing designs need to be practical and cost effective to produce, sourcing and adapting off-the-peg solutions wherever possible, while still retaining a cohesive branded look.

Clothing and uniforms are designed and produced to meet budget requirements and refelect the brand of the business. New clothing designs range from €50-€300, and when applied as part of a series can be as cost-effective as €25.

For more information please refer to the Clothing Design Service page or contact us to arrange a free design consultation at our office in Carracastle, County Mayo.